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Quick Links for Resolving Common Issues of Concern

It can be difficult sometimes to find the most appropriate place to raise or address a concern. The Ombudsman office can assist you to clarify issues, identify options and think strategically about how you can best raise and most constructively resolve matters of concern to you. If you feel that talking about your situation directly with an Ombudsman would help, please feel contact us confidentially at (202) 303-5399 or 1-866-667-9331, or by email at

The links below provide access to established Red Cross mechanisms for resolving concerns commonly presented to our office. These links are provided to support and expedite your attainment of a solution to your concern.

You can contact us directly by phone at (202) 303-5399 or 1-866-667-9331 (toll-free), by fax at (202) 639-9825, or by email at

Ombudsman Office

Kevin Jessar, Corporate Ombudsman

Samantha Levine-Finley, Deputy Ombudsman

Teresa Ralicki, Associate Ombudsman

Mason Hines, Assistant Ombudsman