Our Pledge

Our Pledge to the American Red Cross Community

We are committed to work with integrity and to adhere to our professional standards while handling concerns in a neutral, informal and confidential manner. The Ombudsman Office will not disclose or discuss any confidential matter without the knowledge and permission of the person who raised the concern, to the extent permitted by law. For more information, you can review the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice from the International Association of Ombudsman to which we adhere.

This includes not revealing:

  • The identity of individuals who come to our office.
  • The identity of contacts made by the Ombudsman Office in resolving an issue.
  • Specific details and circumstance of matters handled.
We will preserve confidentiality except where we determine there is an “imminent risk of serious harm” or we are given permission to make a disclosure and we agree that it would be appropriate to do so.