Government Relations

  • Untied States capitol building

Our Goal:

To create, through effective legislative and regulatory initiatives, a public policy environment at all levels of government that will forward the mission and strategic objectives of the American Red Cross.

Our Responsibilities:

  • Representation before Congress and State Legislatures for the coordination and development of policy statements and testimony
  • Coordination of any requests and responses to the executive and legislative branches
  • Coordination and development of position statements before federal advisory committees and other forums
  • Articulation of Red Cross policy positions before representatives of executive branch agencies
  • Coordination and development of policy positions articulated by Red Cross staff serving on external task forces and committees
  • Advance notice of policy statements made by Red Cross employees in articles submitted for publication to scientific journals

Contact Information

To reach a member of the Government Relations team: (202) 303-4371

General e-mail:

Cherae Bishop – Senior Vice President, Government Relations

Jacqueline G. Bassermann – Legislative Associate

Dawn P. Latham – Senior Director, Government Relations

Eric Mondero – Legislative Consultant

Marvin Steele – Manager, Government Relations