Public Policy Priorities

Our Mission

Expand visibility of the American Red Cross among government officials and strategic partners, advocate for public policy priorities, identify and pursue future funding and cost saving opportunities and strengthen relationships with the US Congress, Federal agencies, state and local officials, and other nonprofit organizations.

Goal: Increased Awareness of Role in Disaster Planning and Response

  • Educate government officials and strategic partners on Disaster Services
  • Enhance support and funding opportunities for disaster response, infrastructure, readiness and response
  • Collaborate with government and strategic partners to increase the nation’s capacity to respond to human-caused and natural disasters
  • Engage government officials and strategic partners to assist in efforts to better serve diverse communities

Goal: Expanded Understanding of Preparedness, Health and Safety Initiatives

  • Educate government officials and strategic partners on Preparedness, Health and Safety
  • Build support for the Red Cross Health and Safety training as a recognized state and federal standard

Goal: Increased Engagement in Biomedical Services

  • Engage elected officials in a campaign to raise awareness of the need for blood and increase donor participation to maintain a stable, sustainable blood supply
  • Develop strategic relationships with diverse partners to focus on the need of increased donations from minority communities
  • Introduce legislation at state level to lower blood donor age to 16 with parental consent

Goal: Increased Awareness of Services to the Armed Forces (SAF) Activities

  • Engage government officials and strategic partners to raise awareness of SAF and further SAF priorities
  • Enhance support and funding opportunities for Services to the Armed Forces

Goal: Expanded Understanding of Red Cross International Services

  • Educate government officials and strategic partners on international services programs and International Humanitarian Law
  • Support increased funding for international disaster relief, refugee assistance, development, global health, dissemination of information pertaining to IHL, and other programs providing assistance to the world’s most vulnerable populations

Goal: Strengthened Relationships with Key Community Partners

  • Support enterprise-wide needs of internal support departments
  • Engage non-profit partners on select sector-wide priorities before government
  • Improve communications and relationships between local American Red Cross chapters, blood regions, BOG members and senior NHQ staff with federal and state lawmakers and executive branch agency officials
  • Create opportunities to place local Red Cross representatives before state and federal officials through Hill visits, site visits, orientations and briefings
  • Build awareness of and support for March is Red Cross Month