Entertainment Outreach

A Partnership with Mutual Benefits

The American Red Cross greatly appreciates the support we receive from the entertainment industry, which over the years has served to keep our livesaving services ever-present with the American public. This partnership elevates our brand relevance and visibility as a humanitarian organization. The integration of the Red Cross can also add a critical layer of authenticity to any production.

Based on our experience in coordinating with the entertainment industry, we can provide the following services, exclusively through our National Headquarters in Washington, D.C., upon request:

  • Current and period-accurate posters, signage and background materials (often used as set dressing and props);
  • Technical experts to advise writers, talent, producers and production designers, in fictional depictions of Red Cross response activity;
  • Emergency Response Vehicles and Blood-mobile, per availability
  • Copyright release agreements for all television and film projects
We do much more, and will be pleased to offer any level of education in our services upon request.