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Entertainment Partnerships

Entertainment Industry Use of the Red Cross Brand

The American Red Cross has a long tradition of partnering with networks, studios and production teams to authentically portray and properly license the Red Cross emblem and the American Red Cross brand within scripted television and film. These partnerships help to keep the lifesaving services of the Red Cross ever-present with audiences around the world.

We offer the following services exclusively through our national headquarters
marketing and communications teams:

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    Subject matter expertise/technical advisement on the mission and licensing of the Red Cross emblem & the American Red Cross brand: Disaster Relief, Blood Services, Service to the Armed Forces, Health & Safety Services, International Services

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    Writer support (research & accuracy checks when requested), for any circumstances in which the Red Cross may become part of a storyline

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    Current and historically accurate signage and background materials (often used as set dressing and props)

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    As available: rolling stock, such as marked vans and trucks

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    "Instant City" items, such as tents and vehicles

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    Coordination and approvals of requests to shoot in and around Red Cross properties

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    Public Service Announcements for use in productions

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    Approvals for use of protected Red Cross emblems and symbols

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Recent Examples of Red Cross Partnerships with the Entertainment Industry
Sully film poster
The Red Cross: On Film

See the Red Cross on the big screen in Sully, a major motion picture from Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures.

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Please Note:

The American Red Cross name and logo are trademarks of the American Red Cross. Our trademark rights in American Red Cross and the red cross emblem date back to 1881. With the exception of a few individuals and companies that used the Greek red cross before 1905, the American Red Cross has the exclusive right to use the Greek red cross in the United States.

If you are not an authorized Red Cross user, you must have express permission from the American Red Cross to download and use our logo. Please remember that the American Red Cross logo should be used correctly—it is one of our most valuable assets. It is an image that stands as a worldwide symbol of goodwill and humanitarianism.