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Dale M. O'Rourke – Firefighter and Financial Donor
Got Stock? Consider Sharing Your Shares
Getting the Most from Gifts of Appreciated Securities
An Example of Tax-Planned Giving
What Did Jackie Onassis Know About Estate Planning?
IRA Gifts: Time Is Growing Short

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An Example of Tax-Planned Giving

Take the example of Mrs. J. The stock she purchased in 1997 for $200 is now worth $1,000. If Mrs. J gives the stock instead of cash, the Red Cross receives a gift of $1,000 – the fair market value of the stock – and she can claim a $1,000 charitable deduction on her next income tax return. In a 33% bracket, that's a tax savings of $330. Furthermore, she avoids $120 in capital gains taxes that would be due whenever she sold the stock. The result: After figuring the tax savings, a gift of $1,000 costs Mrs. J only $550. The chart below shows the tax savings from gifts of appreciated assets worth $1,000 and $5,000 in the different tax brackets, where the asset has doubled in value.

Tax Savings From Gift Assets That Have Doubled In Value

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