Engage Customers

Engage Your Customers

88 percent of people want to hear how companies are supporting causes.” - 2013 Cone Communications

When you help promote Giving Day, your company will receive the brand lift of aligning with the Red Cross, on a day when all eyes will be focused on our mission – and our supporters.

Customer Engagement Ideas

  • Feature a Red Cross Giving Day banner on your corporate homepage
  • Promote a mission-focused fundraising goal, such as, “Let’s help the Red Cross provide fire safety training and install 1,600 smoke alarms.”
  • If you have a customizable Red Cross online public donation site (a microsite), use it to encourage, collect (and match!) customer donations made on Giving Day. All Red Cross microsites will feature our Giving Day banner from April 15 – April 24. You may promote the microsite as is, or customize your welcome message. Contact your Red Cross relationship manager to assist you with your microsite requests.
  • If you don’t have a Red Cross microsite, contact your Red Cross relationship manager to set one up. Microsites are easy to co-brand and allow corporations to easily track donations made to the Red Cross by your customers.
  • Share touching stories about the Red Cross through social media with the hashtag #help1family.
  • Feature Red Cross Giving Day in your newsletters, blog posts, or eBlasts.
  • Offer to make a donation for every “like” or re-tweet of a message about Giving Day.
  • Encourage customers to volunteer, give blood or donate on April 21, 2016.
  • Become a Community Supporter of Giving Day with a $25,000 gift and receive national and regional benefits. Contact your relationship manager for details.
  • Collect donations from customers online or in-store in support of Giving Day.
  • Access Giving Day flyer

Sample Customer Message

Dear customers,

Nearly every eight minutes, a family loses everything to a home fire or other disaster—the roof over their heads, their clothes and their most cherished possessions. Each time, it is the start of a new story, one in which fear turns into hope, and despair turns into determination. That story is made possible by compassionate people like you.

[COMPANY] is pleased and proud to align with the American Red Cross for their second annual Giving Day on April 21, 2016. American Red Cross Giving Day is hoped to be the single largest day of fundraising in the organization’s history outside of a major disaster. On Giving Day, the Red Cross will be asking the American public to make a difference and #help1family in need following a devastating disaster.

In the spirit of helping others and making a meaningful contribution, we are pleased to announce that [COMPANY] is [TYPE OF ACTIVATION]. From now through [DATE], we are making it easy for our customers to give back by allowing them to [ACTIVATION SPECIFICS]. We are proud to align with the Red Cross and to be able to offer such a meaningful opportunity to you, our valued customers, to join us in giving back.

We hope you will also consider encouraging your friends and family to make an impact for families and communities affected by disasters by promoting Giving Day on your social media channels (post using the #help1family hashtag and share redcross.org/GivingDay).

On April 21, 2016, bring help and hope to families who have lost everything. Together we will make an incredible impact – and ensure that someone in our community is not alone. Thank you for your support.



Sample Customer Thank You Message

Dear customers,

On behalf of [COMPANY], we thank you for your support of the American Red Cross on April 21. On this day alone, the Red Cross raised more than [INSERT DOLLAR AMOUNT] to support their disaster relief efforts.

The humanitarian work of the Red Cross provides comfort and hope to so many during their times of need. The mission of the Red Cross depends on the support and compassion of generous donors and supporters like you. The success of this day would not have been possibly without your support.

Thank you for making an impact for families in need with the Red Cross!