Volunteer Opportunities

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Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes. Many opportunities exist to showcase your specific area of interest and expertise.

Emergency Services

Emergency Services volunteers provide relief assistance to those affected by disasters. As an Emergency Services volunteer, you can be on call to support late-breaking emergencies, manage a volunteer team, or lead a program in Emergency Services.

Volunteer Services

Volunteers make up the majority of the Red Cross work force. Managing volunteers is an essential part of maintaining our services to the community. Some of the tasks you can participate in include recruiting new members, volunteer data management, mentoring youth clubs, and participating in community events.

Preparedness Education & Community Outreach

Home fires, wildfires, flash floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and heat emergencies among others can strike at any time. Our preparedness program provides neighborhood groups, community agencies and businesses with disaster preparedness presentations, materials and workshops. We help increase public awareness by helping the community prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies.

Service to Armed Forces

Extending from the legacy of Clara Barton, the American Red Cross continues to offer communication services to those who are serving the country and their family members back home. In addition to working with local families and emergency communication, volunteers are responsible for promoting the SAF program and creating partnerships with other non-profits who support military families.

Communications and Social Media

Volunteers can assist with social media, photography/video campaigns, writing assignments and community relations. To keep up with the ever-changing world, there is a great need for volunteers to take advantage of new technologies and utilize diverse forms of social media to captivate a larger audience.

Office Support

We are always looking for volunteers with professional skills, such as data entry, computer skills and customer service, to support the chapter.