Engage and Inspire Employees

Spotlight your company’s community commitment or deepen employee loyalty by offering employees a chance to engage in conversation around and support home fire safety, through one or more of the suggested opportunities below. Access the Messaging Resources on the home page of this toolkit to bolster and help craft your outreach.
  • Encourage your employees to be “social ambassadors” for fire safety. Your employees can have a simple, yet important mission – spread the word about home fire safety on their social media networks! Refer to the suggested posts and download visuals that can be provided to accompany the posts.


      Tweet #1:

      Will you join me in promoting #firesafety w/@RedCross? Start by checking your smoke alarms: http://rdcrss.org/firesafety

      Tweet #2:

      I’m practicing my home fire escape plan – will you? Use this@RedCross guide: http://rdcrss.org/EscapePlan #firesafety

      Facebook Post:

      My family cares about #firesafety. American Red Cross has TWO ways to get prepared: 1) Check your smoke alarms, and 2)       Practice fire drills at home! Learn more about their campaign: http://rdcrss.org/firesafety

  • Activate a Workplace Giving Campaign. If you have a customizable Red Cross online employee donation site (a microsite), use it to encourage, collect (and match!) employee donations made to help the Red Cross prepare for and respond to disasters big and small. If you don’t have a Red Cross microsite, contact your Red Cross relationship manager to set one up. Our co-brandable microsites allow you to easily collect and track donations. You can amplify your campaign by holding a Red Cross “lunch and learn” with your local chapter, or by identifying internal employee champions to share their Red Cross stories with other colleagues. Contact your relationship manager to learn more.

  • Conduct Employee Engagement Activities. Give your employees a chance to roll up their sleeves and become directly involved with the Red Cross. You can host a Preparedness Kit Build activity for your employees, or you can bolster lifesaving efforts by joining home fire installation events or delivering Red Cross fire safety information directly to area homes (subject to local availability). Contact your relationship manager to learn more.