Exploration 5B: Extension Activities

Helping Close to Home

If you have located a refugee community, find out what some of their needs are. Organize an effort in your class or group to meet some of those needs, for example: food, clothing, language tutoring, reading.

An aid for planning such an effort is the booklet, “From Needs to Action”, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, 1995.

Cooperating Agencies

Over the years there has been increasing acceptance of the interrelation between emergency and development activities, leading to a broader approach towards humanitarian assistance. Do research on the work of humanitarian agencies – where they are working, what they are doing, how they coordinate their work with other organizations. Possible avenues of research include:
  • writing to humanitarian organizations for information
  • using the Internet
  • making use of library resources
  • examining news media reports and magazine articles
  • inviting someone from such a group to speak to the class
To carry out its operations, the ICRC has at its disposal throughout the world 3,000 trucks and other vehicles and 950 warehouses. In addition, 15 planes and between two and five ships are operational at any one time.

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