Below is a collection of testimonials provided by concerned citizens of the world just like yourself. These people wanted to reach out and share their experience with the IHL team and now we are sharing it with you.

Discussing the importance of humanitarian law education

Betty Bigombe

Betty Bigombe

Former Minister of State For Pacification of Northern Uganda

Betty Bigombe discusses the importance of involving American youth in the international issues of our time.

Anne Manuel

Anne Manuel

Teacher at Montgomery Blair High School

Anne Manuel discusses ways the EHL curriculum motivates her students to achieve.

Jimmie Briggs

Jimmie Briggs

Freelance Journalist and Teacher

Jimmie Briggs talks about how the EHL curriculum relates to his work as a journalist

James Lane

James Lane

EHL Teacher Trainer for American Red Cross

James Lane discusses ways the EHL Curriculum’s interactive materials incite interest in his students.

Jay Starr

Jay Starr

Exploring Humanitarian Law Coordinator

Jay Starr discusses ways the EHL case studies hit home with her students.

Ptrick Finnegan

Brigadier General Patrick Finnegan

Dean of U.S. Military Academy: West Point

Brigadier General Finnegan relates the Geneva Conventions to U.S. values.

IHL Testimonial

Mike, Patty, and Kim


Three teachers discuss their experiences with the EHL curriculum.

Red Cross IHL training

American Red Cross

Teacher Training Institute

Testimonials regarding the American Red Cross Teacher Training Institute.