Project SHARE

The Alabama Region of the American Red Cross administers the only registered Project SHARE (Service to Help Alabamians with Relief on Energy) in Alabama. Project SHARE continues to provide emergency energy assistance to elderly and disabled Alabamians in peak winter and summer months. The program assists Alabamians in 59 counties statewide.

Project SHARE is funded primarily by contributions from the customers of Alabama Power Company, Alagasco and other participating energy suppliers. Customers simply pledge to donate $2, $5, or any other whole-dollar amount to Project SHARE by checking the box on their monthly utility bill. This amount is automatically added to each monthly bill, and all such donations are forwarded to the Red Cross.

Clients in need apply for Project SHARE assistance at the American Red Cross office in their county of residence.

Project SHARE Quick FAQs:
  • 1982 Alabama Power Company provided seed money of $50,000 to establish Project SHARE (Services to Help Alabamians with Relief on Energy) through the American Red Cross
  • 1984 Alabama Gas Corporation joined the program, contributing $25,000 in seed money and a onetime disbursement of $300,000
  • Project SHARE assist the elderly and disable with any energy source
  • Poverty and marginal employment remain persistent national problems and energy cost remains a burden on low-income households
  • Fuel funds and other low income bill payment assistance programs provides a vital energy safety to net to help low-income families pay utility bills
  • Project SHARE provides assistance to families in 59 of Alabama’s counties
  • Project SHARE assisted 15,345 clients benefited with assistance payments of $1.2 million in fiscal year 2011-2012
  • Project SHARE is funded primarily by monthly $1.00 donations from the customers of Alabama Power Company, Alabama Gas Corporation and other participating energy suppliers via their utility bills to provide urgently needed fund to help meet the needs of low-income Alabamians
  • Volunteer Advisory Committee of 15 representatives from community services and benevolent organizations throughout the state make recommendations regarding the eligibility criteria and program guidelines
  • Project SHARE makes available literature on energy conservation and sensible budgeting