International Services

  • Alaska International Services

To request assistance, please call (907) 646-5412.

As part of the world's largest humanitarian network, the American Red Cross alleviates the suffering of victims of war, disaster and other international crises, and works with other Red Cross and Red Crescent societies to improve chronic, life-threatening conditions in developing nations.

    Locally, your local Red Cross provides:

  • Tracing and messaging services for families separated by disaster, armed conflict, civil unrest or changing world conditions
  • Training in humanitarian principles, international humanitarian law and the specific provisions of the Geneva Conventions - the framework of rights that protects people caught in international conflicts
  • Family tracing for the survivors of WWII-related events such as The Holocaust
  • Information on the work of the American Red Cross and our partners worldwide

Services for Families Separated by War, Disaster or Changing World Conditions

Health and Welfare Inquiries

In peacetime as well as in the midst of conflict, whenever regular channels of communication are disrupted, the American Red Cross is available to help people obtain information about family members. Whenever possible, concerned families will be kept abreast of the whereabouts and well-being of relatives until personal communication can resume. (Requests to communicate with American citizens traveling or residing abroad are referred to the U.S. Department of State American Citizens Services.)

Exchanging Family Messages

Whenever regular channels of communication are severed due to war or changing world conditions, the American Red Cross can be a conduit for separated family members to exchange messages. Red Cross messages may originate in Alaska when someone trying to communicate with a loved one overseas contacts us for help. Or, a Red Cross message may arrive here, bringing news of a family member’s status elsewhere. Thanks to the Red Cross global network, relatives – previously separated by world conditions – can communicate until mail and telephone systems are restored.

Locating Missing Family Members

Red Cross works with other national societies to assist clients in locating family members. Requests are accepted at all Red Cross offices, on U.S. military bases worldwide and at local chapters. Depending on circumstances, searches may continue for months or years. News from Red Cross on the fate of a loved one can bring closure for grieving relatives or, occasionally, a joyous reunion.

Holocaust Survivors and Victims Tracing Center

Nazi Holocaust survivors searching for information on family members who were victims of the Third Reich can get help from Red Cross. Local requests are forwarded to the Red Cross Holocaust and War Victim Tracing and Information Center in Baltimore, Maryland. The Center provides tracing, information and referral services related to civilian victims of World War II who lived in Europe or the USSR between 1933 and 1952.

Securing Travel Documents

Refugees and people who are displaced or stateless may have difficulty finding permanent welcome in a new country because they lack the necessary papers. The Red Cross works with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to secure the appropriate travel documents, making a permanent move possible.

Dissemination of International Humanitarian Law

The American Red Cross educates the American public about the guiding principles of international humanitarian law, as set forth by the Geneva Conventions of 1949.