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Ft. Wainwright, Serving Alaska’s Interior

In order to better serve our service members stationed in the Fairbanks area, the American Red Cross has an office located at Ft. Wainwright, Alaska to assist troops at Ft. Wainwright, Clear Air Force Base, Ft. Greely, and Eielson Air Force Base. In addition to the basic Military Services provided by Red Cross, the office at Ft. Wainwright offers the following programs and services to our military personnel and their families. Volunteers are crucial in administering our Red Cross programs and services. Please view the available volunteer opportunities below to learn how you can help support our men and women in uniform.
Contact Information:
Misty Bruce
Ft. Wainwright
1024 Apple Street
Fort Wainwright, AK 99703
(907) 456-5937 option 2
Email Exie Misty Bruce
For Emergency Communication Messages (ECM), please call: 1-877-272-7337.

Program and Services

For Families

Dental Education Program

The Dental Assistant Training Program is a six month training program administered by the Red Cross and taught by Kamish Dental Clinic personnel at Ft. Wainwright and Eielson AFB Dental personnel. Typically, four trainees are selected from an extensive list of applicants. The first six weeks of training is academic in nature, followed by four months of intensive chair side training by dental professionals. At the end of 750 hours of training, the trainees are evaluated, graduated, and their information provided to over eighty five Dental Practices in the Fairbanks area. The Red Cross office assists with placement of the graduates with local practices. Over the last six years, 40 graduates have been provided to the community.

For New Moms

Hospital visits

Each new baby born receives a baby gift from the Armed Forces Emergency Services Red Cross. The Red Cross will also initiate birth announcement messages for delivery to deployed soldiers and airmen.

For Injured Soldiers

Hospital visits

Red Cross Volunteers visit the hospitals to spend time with injured soldiers. They bring with them comfort kits, which include items such as DVD Players, movies, snack items, pillows, sheets, calling cards, furniture, play station and games, magazines and books. These items are donated by the local community and from as far away as Massachusetts & Tennessee. Quota Club bags and Pike’s Lodge complimentary boxes are also donated from the community. Both of these gifts contain gift vouchers and mementoes forro the soldiers and their families. The injured soldiers are housed at the consolidated barracks at Ft. Wainwright where the commissary has also made donations to help ease the suffering of the inured.

Quilts of Valor

Quilts are donated by quilters from all over the United States. These quilts are blessed and presented to the injured soldiers as they transition through the hospital at Ft Wainwright.

Travel Assistance

The Red Cross helps to provide travel assistance for the families of injured soldiers or airmen. When a family has insufficient funds to travel to be with the injured soldier or airman, the Red Cross will try to connect them with helpful sources such as Invitational Travel Orders, Fisher House, local service and charitable organizations. We also assist with local hotel accommodations, meals, donated taxi services and counseling.

Volunteer Opportunities

Case Worker

Volunteers undergo training to take, verify, and deliver emergency messages to and from service members. These messages are important to keep communication open between military families and are used to relay emergency information.

Volunteer Coordinator

A Volunteer Coordinator is involved in the recruiting, placement, orientation, training and recognition of volunteers. The Coordinator is actively involved with surveying volunteers and supervisors on a regular basis to determine if needs are being met and seeks out new opportunities for volunteers to use their skills or learn new ones.

Records Chairman

The Records Chairman is responsible for collecting volunteer hours, doing the data entry into the computer, providing monthly reports for the Advisory Council and State and Region when necessary, requesting volunteer records from other offices when volunteers transfer into the area and providing input into the ARC and installation recognition in April.

BACH Coordinator

The BACH Coordinator works with the Bassett Army Community Hospital (BACH) hospital staff and volunteers on the additional requirements for placement in the hospital to include a BACH orientation, immunization screening and a background check. The Coordinator works with the Advisory Council Liaison for BACH to verify that volunteer and supervisory needs are being met and seeks input from the Station staff on issues.

Youth Coordinator

The Youth Coordinator is responsible for developing and implementing a program of service and leadership opportunities for youth which could fill the need for a summer volunteer program or expand into a year-round activity with a leadership component, a voice on the Advisory Committee and potential involvement with the Chapter's youth initiative.

Special Projects Coordinator

The Special Projects Coordinator is willing to take on a unique request, plan a project or help out in a larger annual project such as the Bosnia Mail Box drive, Holiday CardsMail for SoldiersHeroes or a Red Cross month publicity campaign. Volunteers can also be placed in: Bassett Army Community Hospital, Kamish Medical Clinic, Troop Dental Clinic, Veterinary Clinic, JAG, Child Development Center and with prior coordination other opportunities may be available. Volunteers with WEB SITE development skills could update and monitor the Web Page for the Station, within the military LAN guidelines and with approval. Volunteers who have skills in Newsletter publishing could design and publish a monthly newsletter for the Station or oversee the public relations needs of the office.

JBER - Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson

In order to better serve our service members stationed in the Anchorage area, the American Red Cross has an office located at JBER, for service members and their families stationed at JBER or the surrounding area. The office is also a point of contact for families throughout Alaska who need to contact a service member due to a qualifying family emergency.
Contact Information:
Christy H. Cook, Services to the Armed Forces Regional Programs Manager
673 MDG, 2B 107
JBER Elmendorf AK 99506
(907) 552-5253
Email Christy Cook
For Emergency Communication Messages (ECM), please call: 1-877-272-7337.


Warrior Transition Battalion Assistance

Red Cross is working with community groups, notably Wells Fargo, to provide comfort bags to incoming wounded service members. The bags are hand-made and contain some basic toiletries from an approved list to get the recipients through the first days of returning to Alaska. Other items are provided to the unit from an approved list of items at their request to help service members such as bedding and towels.

Travel Assistance

Special circumstances are required for Red Cross assistance while traveling when family emergencies arise. Most of the time requests for assistance are referred to the specific aid agency that handles financial assistance for each branch of service. Some assistance may be available through Red Cross for family members and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Pet Therapy

American Red Cross of Alaska is proud to partner with the Delta Society to bring pet therapy to the military hospital. Delta Society provides comfort to our service members, veterans and families to help them survive challenges, and manage and improve their lives with the assistance of animals.

Volunteer Opportunities

Fill out the volunteer application to become a Service to the Armed Forces volunteer.

Service to the Armed Forces Case Worker

Volunteers receive on the job training to learn the process for Emergency Communication Messages. These messages allow the Commander to make an informed decision when granting Emergency Leave and help to keep the service member aware of situations at home that may require input.

Elmendorf Hospital

Volunteer opportunities exist in the Hospital for those with clinical training and those who want to help but who have no medical background. Volunteers are asked to contact the ARC Office for information.

Special Projects/Office

Volunteers can elect to help with annual events, seasonal fundraisers, contacting community agencies and doing administrative tasks.