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The American Red Cross and youth have been partners for more than a century. As early as 1884, six children in Philadelphia put on a play and raised 50 dollars for Red Cross disaster relief – a lot of money back then! Clara Barton, our founder, used the money to help a family who lost everything they owned in a flood. Today, young people like you continue to make a difference in their communities through the Red Cross. And like a good partner, the Red Cross continues to help young people. How does our partnership work?
Through Educational Programs
Red Cross youth programs are offered in schools and through church and community groups. They teach kindergartners through seniors how to prevent, prepare and stay safe during emergencies.
Through Volunteer Opportunities
Red Cross School Clubs and youth councils give young people a chance to apply their leadership skills and make a difference through community service. Besides learning the value of helping others, volunteering gives you a chance to make friends, build self-confidence and feel good about yourself.

School Programs

School Disaster Education

Teaching children how to prevent disasters and stay safe during emergencies is one of our top priorities. The American Red Cross works closely with our community partners including the fire department, school district and local government to reach Alaska’s youth population with vital preparedness information. Our Masters of Disaster curriculum helps teachers integrate important disaster safety information into their regular lesson plans for core subjects. The program was developed to align with the National Education Standards to supplement the lessons teachers are already using. Masters of Disaster focuses on disasters common to Alaska- earthquakes, fire and winter storms and provides age-appropriate materials for each grade level. Lessons include using math to create a disaster supplies kit, science to learn more about earthquakes and hands on activities to help kids understand disasters better.

Anchorage School District teachers interested in scheduling a disaster presentation should contact the community resources office of the Anchorage School District. Teachers living in other communities throughout Alaska should contact the Red Cross office nearest them.

For more information, or to learn how to become a presenter for Red Cross disaster education program please contact Sam Johnson (

Please visit our Youth Zone to learn about youth volunteer opportunities and how Alaska's youth are making a difference in communities throughout our state.