Youth and Young Adult Services

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The American Red Cross in Arizona, New Mexico, and El Paso is dedicated to providing young people with leadership development through meaningful service opportunities in local, national and international programs. Youth and young adults may engage with their local chapter as volunteers or through youth clubs in schools and communities.

Your service will make a difference in your community. By helping others, you’ll change your own life. There’s so much to be done. The opportunities are endless for you to put your talent, skills and passion to work. Plus, you’ll connect with the largest humanitarian movement in the world.

Volunteer Opportunities

Student Service: Looking for an area in which you can complete your student service learning requirements? The American Red Cross is a great place to volunteer.

Leadership Development: Participate in a school-based Red Cross club. Take advantage of internships. Get involved with the American Red Cross National Youth Council.

School-related Activities: Fundraise. Organize blood drives. Collect items for comfort kits that are given to victims of disasters. Hold teddy bear drives. Learn to conduct disaster preparedness presentations.

Community Services: Mission-related community activities include cleaning up streets, planting trees and organizing food drives. Youth also serve as mentors to peers and younger friends on disaster preparedness, violence prevention and other youth issues.

Disaster Response: For people 16 and older, train to become involved in many areas of Red Cross disaster services, including disaster preparedness in local communities and Disaster Action Team member duties.

Health and Safety: Become educated about leading a healthier, safer life. Develop new skills through first aid, CPR, pet CPR, babysitters’ training and lifeguarding classes. Train to serve as a first aid or CPR instructor (16 and older) or as a lifeguarding instructor (17 and older).

International Services: Get involved in international social issues, such as international humanitarian law, as well as the Measles & Rubella Initiative to eradicate preventable deaths among children.

Elementary and Middle School Clubs

For many youth, a Red Cross elementary or middle school club is their first venture into the world of volunteerism and service. Joining a club can generate vital social skills, such as teamwork and leadership. And it teaches youth the importance of companionship and care for others.

This is an opportunity to introduce youth to a club in which they can have fun, and at the same time, learn and serve. Students develop knowledge about the lifesaving mission of the Red Cross, how to be prepared for disasters, how to be water safe and how to perform basic first aid skills. Youth also help by distributing safety information, leading fundraisers at their schools and volunteering at American Red Cross events.

High School Clubs

Working closely with friends, having fun and learning new things about yourself, your peers, your community and the world can happen in a Red Cross high school club. You’ll acquire skills in leadership, get engaged in grassroots service and lend a helping hand to those in need.

This is a club for teenagers committed to making their schools, their communities and the world a better place through the humanitarian mission of the Red Cross. Key initiatives of the American Red Cross 10 operational high school clubs are preparedness, fundraising and blood drives. You’ll learn how to build a solid foundation of personal tools, which are important to succeeding in college and in a number of future careers. Take the first step in making a difference in your life and in the lives of others.

College and University Campus Clubs

Whether you’re looking to continue your Red Cross service from high school or you’re excited to learn more about the Red Cross as a new service opportunity, a Red Cross campus club is a great way to do so. Campus clubs have the ability to address key national and international issues, ranging from hosting blood drives to fighting measles in Africa to responding to local and national disasters. A campus club allows you to address these issues in innovative ways that are targeted and make sense for your community.

Additionally, on a college campus, the club has the ability to partner with other student organizations, thus increasing its impact and exposing its members to different fields of interest. Being part of a campus club creates opportunities to advance your career development by seeking Red Cross internships and trainings and by leading projects that will make a long-lasting impact on your community. Your passion for helping others, compassion for those in need and capacity to think out of the box and take action are the keys for a successful campus club.

Community and Home-School Clubs

This is an opportunity to engage youth who are home-schooled or with groups outside of the school environment, whether it’s through a home-school parent group, an after-school program, a local community center or other youth-focused agencies. Red Cross community and home-school clubs are developed using the same models as elementary school, middle school and high school clubs. Participants engage in programs that focus on the development of vital social skills, teamwork and peer training.

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