Corporate Partnerships

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Annual Hero Events

Every year the American Red Cross asks Central California communities to help honor and celebrate everyday heroes. Held every spring throughout the region, these events allow the community to nominate local heroes who have shown selfless acts of courage. They may have helped save a life, performed an extraordinary act of compassion, or demonstrated an exceptional spirit of giving. Contact your local Red Cross office to learn more about how you can help sponsor and celebrate these everyday heroes.

Save-a-Life Saturday

A recent study showed that one in four individuals who suffer from sudden cardiac arrest do not receive the help they need because an individual is too afraid they are going to do something wrong. Our Save-a-Life Saturday event targets communities throughout the Central Valley and provides them with FREE day of hands-only CPR training and disaster preparedness education. These events are offered year-round and provide over 200 families with training to ensure that when a disaster or emergency strikes, they will be ready to respond.

For more information on how you can support your local Heroes event, please contact your local chapter.