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To Request a Red Cross participation at your event, please fill out our Online Form and a representative will contact you within two business days. Event requests must be submitted at least four weeks prior to your event.

Emergency Services
Email: Emergency Services Department
Phone: (916) 993-7070
After-hours disaster contact: (844) 236-0153
Emergency Communication for Military Members and Families: (877) 272-7337.

To Register for a Class
Email: Health and Safety Services
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To Make a Donation
Email: Public Support
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To Learn how to prepare you, your family or your business:
Email: Preparedness Department
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To Volunteer
Email: Volunteer Services
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Media Inquiries
Email: Communications
Phone: (916) 993-7084
Cell Phone: (916) 208-4058

Government Relations
Email: Gov. Liaison
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Service to the Armed Forces
Email: SAF Manager
Phone: (916) 993-7015

Human Resources
Email: Human Resources
Phone: (916) 993-7070