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2016 Award Recipients (El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento, Yolo Counties)

YOLO HEROES - 2015 Award Recipients

Adult Good Samaritan: Dr. Dennis Dwyre & Eric Paulson

Jay Blevins and Dr. Dennis Dwyre were having a conversation before the start of their basketball program at the Woodland Community Center when suddenly Jay fell over. Dennis went around the table to tend to his teammate and found that Jay had no pulse and was not breathing - Jay had had a heart attack.

Dennis immediately started performing CPR and asked Wayne Miller to call 911. Quick thinking and the combination of all Dennis’ compressions, Eric’s rescue breathing and the use of the AED brought Jay back to life. Ambulance personnel arrived and took him to the hospital, telling the men that Jay had survived due to their efforts.

YOLO HEROES - 2015 Award Recipients

Adult Good Samaritan: Ivan Romero, Jr.

On July, 2015, Ivan Romero was driving his work vehicle and witnessed a car collision which sparked a fire. Ivan noticed there was a woman trapped in the car. He jumped out of his vehicle, grabbed a fire extinguisher, and found the driver unresponsive. By then the fire had engulfed the engine compartment and was entering the passenger area. Ivan used his right hand to operate the extinguisher and his left hand to pull the driver through the window. Without Ivan’s quick actions, Leanne would not have survived the fire.

YOLO HEROES - 2015 Award Recipients

Good Samaritan – Youth: Cooper Cochran

Cooper Cochran was diagnosed with high risk acute lymphoblastic leukemia when he was just 20 months old. For his final chemotherapy treatment in 2014, Cooper wanted to wear a superhero cape. After it was over he decided to donate his cape to another sick child who might need super powers and bravery. Cooper gave his cape to a child named Joaquin, also from Woodland. Sadly Joaquin did not make it, but Cooper decided more superhero capes were needed for other sick kiddos battling cancer - and he wanted to distribute them personally. As he delivers each, he reminds the recipient to “Be brave!”

Cooper says that he hopes that each person receiving this cape knows it came from a child who knows what it means to face a challenge, tackle it head first and WIN. Cooper wants you to know that even though you may have days where it is hard and don’t feel well or want to give up that it is most important to BE BRAVE.

YOLO HEROES - 2015 Award Recipients

First Responder: Hector Alvarez

Officer Alvarez risked his life to get two men out of a burning vehicle. The driver had suffered major injuries and burns and had to be airlifted from the scene and treated at the UC Davis burn unit. The second passenger would not survive. Miraculously, Officer Alvarez received only cuts and bruising from his heroic actions.

YOLO HEROES - 2015 Award Recipients

First Responder: AMR & Rocklin Fire Department

Acting in unison, member of the Rocklin fire department and AMR were able to save the life of Mr. Jeff Williams of Rocklin who had suffered cardiac arrest in his own front yard. Jeff was defibrillated four times and, once Jeff’s heart started beating again, he was transported to the hospital where he spent 11 days in ICU. He credits Steven and the five first responders for saving his life.

YOLO HEROES - 2015 Award Recipients

Workplace/Military Hero: Scott Gallegos

Scott Gallegos had just started working for the Carmichael Post Office when he was approached by a woman in distress during his first delivery of the day. The woman came to Scott's mail truck, bleeding heavily from her abdomen and neck. She had been shot and begged Scott to take her to the hospital. Scott took the shirt off his back to stop the bleeding, which turned out to be a life-saving action. He immediately called 911 while the shooter was firing at him and the victim, while she was going in and out of consciousness. Due to his Actions, Gallegos was invited to Washington D.C. where Scott received a national HERO award. As a veteran, Scott was invited to place a wreath on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.

YOLO HEROES - 2015 Award Recipients

Animal Rescue: Amy Parkko

Amy rescued a missing miniature Australian Shepard named Tucson who was visiting our area from Oregon with his family, but found himself lost in unknown neighborhoods. Amy recognized the dog from Rocklin PD’s posts and neighborhood posts on social media. When Amy saw Tucson darting in and out of traffic to finally take a deep fall, she found him and took him to a vet to get help. Amy was able to reunite the cute little dog with his family Carol and Shawn Morgan from Oregon.

YOLO HEROES - 2015 Award Recipients

Animal Rescue: Jeff Wolford and Stanislaus “Stosh”

While patrolling the burned out areas of the Valley Fire to survey damaged PG&E facilities, PG&E employees Jeff Wolford and Stash Wiecek came across several horses, burros and other large animals amid the devastation. Jeff and Stash took it upon themselves to water and feed the horses until evacuation orders were lifted for the animal’s owners. The owners are convinced their animals would not have survived without the heroic efforts of Jeff and Stash.

YOLO HEROES - 2015 Award Recipients

Volunteer Hero: Jeremiah Norrell

Jeremiah Norrell became a volunteer shortly after the Sand Fire in 2014. Jeremiah has completed over 50 online and classroom training. He has a passion to serve in the Disaster Action Team and has volunteered as a member of shelter management teams in the many disasters we had in 2015, including Assistant Shelter manager for 1,200 evacuees at our Jackson Rancheria Shelter during the Butte Fire.

Every day, he looks forward to growing even more in his service to others, and this week started his training at the Fire Academy.

YOLO HEROES - 2015 Award Recipients

Spirit of the Red Cross: UC Davis Firefighters Burn

The UC Davis Firefighters Burn Institute Regional Burn Center was nominated for their care and treatment of those brave men and women who fought the California Wildfires this summer. Their commitment to the highest care and dedication to the other heroes sets a standard across the Health System and for the community as well.

YOLO HEROES - 2015 Award Recipients

Spirit of Red Cross: Theresa Ramos

After a terrorizing time being held hostage along with a group of friends, Theresa confronted the captor and was able to escape. Theresa was shot several times, but she survived.