International Services

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With more than a century of experience, the American Red Cross works with the global Red Cross network to meet the needs of the world's most vulnerable communities. Through the priority areas below, our initiatives promote cost-effective, community-based programs while building the capacity of partners. Our current activities span the globe, from Latin America to Asia and the Pacific, from Africa to Europe and Central Asia.

Disaster Management

Our integrated approach to disaster management links preparedness, response and recovery activities. Responding to the increased frequency of disasters and global climate change, we also work with communities to build resilience to future disasters.

When disasters hit, we provide relief supplies, financial assistance and technical support to ensure rapid response and recovery.

Disease Prevention

Our global health initiatives focus on preventing and combating infectious diseases, including measles, malaria and HIV/AIDS, on a large scale. We strive to create sustainable and equitable programs, providing service to the most hard to reach populations.

Through our participation in the Measles Initiative, we have helped to vaccinate more than 600 million children, reducing measles deaths by 74% worldwide from 2001 to 2007 and by a remarkable 89% in Africa.

Restoring Family Links

In collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross, the American Red Cross works to locate loved ones missing as a result of war, natural disaster or civil unrest, and sends Red Cross messages between separated family members.

International Humanitarian Law

The American Red Cross educates the American public about the guiding principles of international humanitarian law, as set forth by the Geneva Conventions of 1949.