Prevent Home Fires

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Help us put an end to deaths by home fire

In Eastern Pennsylvania, the Red Cross responds to an average of 5-7 home fires every day. In partnership with the Philadelphia Fire Department, the Red Cross will be installing working smoke alarms for free in homes in high-risk neighborhoods and educating people on fire prevention and safety.

Our goal is to decrease the number of fatalities due to home fires by empowering the people of Eastern Pennsylvania. We urge you to schedule your free in-home smoke alarm installation appointment today by visting the link below.

Progress: 2356 Projected Smoke Alarm Installations as of September 1, 2015

OUR GOAL: Bring the number of home fire fatalities down to zero.

    During your home visit, you will receive:

  • Installed smoke alarms if no working smoke alarms are present in your home
  • Guidance in the development of a Family Disaster Plan
  • Valuable emergency preparedness tips and information

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