• Canoeing

Experience the joy and satisfaction of canoeing! Whether you choose to cruise on lakes or thrilling whitewater, the American Red Cross can show you how it’s done.

You’ll start by learning the basics, paddling tandem with another student in Fundamentals of Canoeing. Additional classes will teach you how to canoe on rivers and in whitewater, or introduce you to the pleasures of paddling solo.

Volunteers of the Canoeing Safety Committee certify instructors and maintain the fleet of tandem and solo canoes for this program, which has been ongoing for over 39 years. Come learn from the best!

For additional information, please contact the Capitol Region Chapter Training offices at 916-993-7070.

Capital Region - Canoeing Fundamentals

Fundamentals of Canoeing (CDLAQU104)

Learn basic strokes and skills used to paddle a canoe safely on a lake, along with methods for rescuing yourself and others. The class begins with a Friday evening session that is held at a local swimming pool.

Capital Region - Canoeing Basic Fundamentals

Basic River Canoeing (CDLAQU102)

This class begins with a review of the skills learned in Fundamentals of Canoeing, then introduces a variety of techniques needed to maneuver a canoe safely in moving water.

Capital Region - Canoeing Solo Fundamentals

Solo Fundamentals of Canoeing (CDLAQU201)

This one-day class runs from 9:00am - 4:00pm and takes the strokes and maneuvers learned in the tandem class and applies them to a solo canoe. Emphasis is placed on application of strokes and maneuvers from a solo perspective.

Capital Region - Canoeing Solo Basics

Solo Basic River Canoeing (CDLAQU202)

This one-day class runs from 9:00am - 4:00pm and teaches you how to paddle and maneuver a solo canoe on the easy-moving water of the Lower American River. Feel the freedom of controlling your own canoe in moving water.

Capital Region - Canoeing Whitewater

Introduction to Whitewater (CDLAQU203)

This class introduces you to the excitement and fun of paddling Class II whitewater. Taught in a swifter current than the Basic River Canoeing class, the emphasis here is on refining boat control, river reading and self-rescue.