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Volunteer Spotlight

  • volunteer loading supplies

Every day, the American Red Cross Gold Country Region helps people in emergencies – whether it's a disaster victim or one child who needs CPR.

Our vital work is made possible by people like you, who learn how good it can feel to lend a helping hand. Red Cross "everyday heroes" come from all walks of life. They're all ages. Everyone has something special to offer... including you.

These are just a sample of the incredible stories about the “everyday heroes” of the American Red Cross Gold Country Region who volunteer their time and energy to their community.

Volunteer Spotlight Fito Ruano

Fito Ruano & The Red Cross:

A Lifelong Adventure. There was civil war in El Salvador in1984. Soldiers were everywhere trying to recruit men to fight, “I was 15 years old and I didn't want to kill people,” said Fito siting at a table in a local coffee shop in Turlock. View Full Story.


Jess Chairez and Marcus Heningburg

Jess Chairez and Marcus Heningburg met through the Red Cross. They drive the Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) together, and have developed a friendship that both are grateful for. View Full Story.