Business and Workplace Giving

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Workplace giving programs create the opportunity for business owners and managers to educate their employees about the services available through the American Red Cross. Workplace education and charitable giving activities may include community special events and sponsorships or the convenience of employee payroll deductions in support of year-round giving.

Historically, the workplace has provided a convenient and obvious resource to communicate the good work of charitable organizations. By hosting workplace giving programs business leaders demonstrate positive steps toward integrating their company’s identity into the community. These methods include:

Payroll Deduction (One-Time Gifts, On-Going Deductions)

Payroll deduction is a convenient way for employees to contribute financially to the Red Cross in support of disaster preparedness. If your company doesn’t have an organized employee giving program, we will work with employee organizers to customize a year-round program that could include:
  • Training in a variety of preparedness areas
  • Consultation in organizing and administering the company’s charitable giving program for employees
  • Assistance establishing payroll deduction services, if they don’t already exist

United Way Designation

If you work for one of the hundreds of public and private employers in our region who partner with United Way to offer payroll deduction giving to their employees, you can give to the American Red Cross, Capital Region Chapter. All you have to do is name American Red Cross, Capital Region Chapter on your United Way pledge form and indicate how much you want us to receive. Hundreds of people do it every year. And because we're a United Way Certified Partner Agency, we are available to come to your workplace to make presentations during the United Way campaign. To learn more contact your employee campaign coordinator and ask them to have United Way include us in workplace presentations and agency fairs.

Matching Gifts

Nearly 75% of all major companies in the United States participate in a Matching Gifts or Dollars for Doers program. This percentage is expected to grow even higher as companies realize that individuals seek increased satisfaction from their jobs and that recognition for volunteerism increases that feeling of worthiness. While matching gfts program match donated funds, the Dollars for Doers program provides monetary donations for the time that employees work for a non-profit organization.

These programs make your dollars and volunteer hours go further to support the Red Cross. You can search to see if your company is a matching gifts company or check with your Human Resources department to see if your company participates in either matching gifts or Dollars for Doers.

Make your hours and dollars count for MORE!

For more information on business and workplace giving programs contact Kris Kirkpatrick at (916) 993-7081.