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How would you define the word “hero”? Many of us have someone in our life? who is our hero or has done something so out of the ordinary that we have to take note and celebrate their courage, dedication, concern and conviction.

People who create a lasting and positive impact on our community are worthy of recognition. And, those who reflect the American Red Cross values of Preparedness, Prevention and Response need our collective acknowledgement. Some often go unnoticed, and many don’t expect to be singled out.

The Red Cross would like to thank those who have given their time and who may even have risked their lives to lend a helping hand. Every year we hold a Luncheon to honor the heroes in the Los Angeles Region. We look for Foundations, Corporations, and Citizens who have had an impact on the local community, and deserve recognition for their efforts.

Do you know someone who deserves to be recognized as a Hometown Hero in the Los Angeles area?

  • A Good Samaritan who courageously and selflessly responded to an unusual, significant or unexpected crisis.
  • Someone who has used CPR, AED, First Aid, Water Safety or other Red Cross lifesaving skills to help a person in distress.
  • A neighbor, friend or stranger who stepped up during a disaster to make others safe, regardless of personal risk.
  • A first responder – firefighter, police office or medical professional –who acted above and beyond the call of duty, exhibiting heroism either in response to an emergency situation or through an ongoing commitment to the community.
  • An active, reserve, or retired member of the Armed Forces or ROTC who would never seek attention for what they have done for their country but deserve to be saluted.
  • Someone who devotes time, care and compassion to rescuing animals or has used pet CPR or first aid to assist an animal.
  • A young man or young woman, elementary school age up to high school age, who selflessly responded to a crisis situation and/or worked toward making a difference in our world.

    Some Guidelines for Nominees:
    1. Nominees must reside, work or be active in the Los Angeles Region or the acts of courage or humanitarian service must have occurred in the Region.
    2. The act of courage or humanitarian service can be ongoing OR must have occurred since September 2014.
    3. For questions, please contact Kate Montgomery at (310) 477-2697 or at kate.montgomery@redcross.org

Meet Your 2014 Los Angeles Region Heroes: