Lifeguard Training / Title 22

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Are you 15 or older and looking for a great summer job or a challenging career? American Red Cross Lifeguarding is the best place to start! Lifeguarding puts you in an exciting position, working as part of a team to help people safely enjoy the water. You could save a life too! This course trains students in surveillance skills to help you recognize and prevent injuries, rescue skills in the water and on land, first aid training and CPR for the professional rescuer, as well as professional lifeguarding responsibilities.


Minimum age of 15. Swim 300 yards continuously, using these strokes in the following order: 100 yards of front crawl using rhythmic breathing and stabilization, propellant kick. Rhythmic breathing can be performed either by breathing to the side or front. 100 yards of breaststroke, using a pull, breathe, kick, glide sequence. 100 yards of either front crawl using rhythmic breathing or breaststroke, or a combination. Swim 20 yards using front crawl or breaststroke, surface dive to a depth of 7-10 feet, retrieve a 10-pound object, return to the surface, and swim 20 yards back to the starting point with object and exit the water without using a ladder or steps, within 1 minute, 40 seconds.


These courses are offered by separate organizations and are listed here as a service
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