Third Party Fundraiser

  • Red Cross DTS Third Party Fundraiser

Where to Start

When a major disaster occurs – from a large apartment complex fire to a major earthquake – people in the community are among the first to help, often looking for a way to support the relief efforts underway. Your organization may want to hold an event to help support the ongoing preparedness and readiness efforts of the American Red Cross. Fundraising events of this kind are called “Third Party Fundraisers” and must be registered and have an agreement with your local Red Cross.

Why is an agreement necessary?
  • It establishes a framework of legitimacy for the fundraising effort and defines the relationship between the American Red Cross and the fundraiser.
  • It assures the donor that monies donated will support the efforts of the American Red Cross.
  • In the event that a potential donor inquires about the fundraising effort, the agreement allows us to assure the donor that the fundraising is an official American Red Cross affiliated event.

When is an agreement required?
  • When any monies are being raised on behalf of and/or for the benefit of the American Red Cross.
  • When the American Red Cross logo and/or name is being displayed in conjunction with fundraising efforts of any kind.
  • A new agreement is required every time you raise monies for a specific designation (i.e. Japan Earthquake, Southern California Wildfires, or Nepal Earthquake).