Featured Speakers

Keynote Speaker - John O'Brien, Mayor of Lyons
John O’Brien is a business owner and community leader with an intimate knowledge of the effects a natural disaster can have on a business, a local economy and an entire community. O’Brien owns a business in and was recently elected mayor of the town of Lyons, which was heavily affected by the September 2013 floods. O’Brien is on the town's Planning & Community Development Commission, President of the Lyons Area Chamber of Commerce and Chair of the Lyons Economic Gardening Group, a local economic development council that aids area entrepreneurial businesses. He is also an Adjunct Faculty in the Daniels School of Business at the University of Denver. John will be speaking about his experience with the floods of 2013 and the effects on the community.

Featured Speaker - Guy Grace, Littleton Public Schools
Guy Grace is the Director of Security and Emergency Planning for Littleton Public schools. He has 25 years of experience with the school district planning for and responding to any kind an incident that can happen on a school campus – from medical emergencies to security threats. Among other things, Guy will be talking about preparing your staff and empowering them to make the quick decisions needed in a time of crisis.