RMBPA Virtual Academy

  • American Red Cross

How to Mitigate Flood Risk (FEMA)

Tony Mendes, Senior Mitigation Specialist with FEMA Region VIII, shares some high-level advice for reducing your potential losses in the face of disastrous flooding. His advice includes making sure you have the right amount and right type of insurance.

How to Survive an Active Killer – Run Hide Fight Treat (Glendale Police)

Glendale Police Officer Justin Baumgartner provides a brief overview of the essential components of the RUN - HIDE - FIGHT - TREAT program to teach you how to survive an active shooter or active killer. The full course is 4 hours long and could save your life or the life of another.

Mitigating Business Risk: Don’t Forget About Vendors (Pam Cox)

In this short overview video, Business Continuity Manager Pam Cox highlights an important and potentially overlooked aspect of business risk mitigation: your vendors. The tutorial walks through simple steps to assess the risk that your vendors may have towards your business continuity.

Colorado Floods Lessons Learned – Preparedness (Laura Levy)

Laura Levy has a wealth of tips to share gleaned from her experience as a community member and leader of the Larimer County Long-term Recovery Group. In this brief, extremely informative video, Levy shares advice for how you can be prepared to face disasters.

2013 Colorado Floods Lessons Learned: - Recovery (Natalie Johnson)

Natalie Johnson, a Manitou Springs community leader, shares her perspective on the top things you should keep in mind when facing or recovering from a disaster.

How can the Small Business Administration Help You? (SBA)

In this quick, 3-minute video, learn about the resources that are available from the Small Business Administration to help you prepare before disasters, as well as what help they can provide after disaster strikes. You might be surprised that it is more than you thought!

What Businesses Need to Know About Hazard Vulnerability Assessment (Childrens Hospital)

Experts from Children's Hospital Colorado explain Hazard Vulnerability Assessments, how they are important to protecting your business against emergencies, and how you can access a free tool they've designed to improve the quality of data and emergency planning in the face of all hazards.

Crisis Communications Tips (Jennifer Schiavone)

PR and Communications experts share highlights of top-level recommendations for Crisis Communications as they were presented at the 2014 Red Cross Rocky Mountain Business Preparedness Academy. In just 2 minutes, learn a few key tips to help you be prepared for crises before they happen.