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The American Red Cross in the National Capital Region seeks to fulfill on a regional level the American Red Cross mission to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.

We are guided by seven fundamental principles: humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity, and universality.

What We Do

Led by volunteers and financially supported by generous residents, businesses and foundations, we provided the following programs and services last year:

    Disaster Relief and Community Disaster Education

  • Responded to 477 local disasters, including home fires
  • Provided disaster education presentations to over 29,000 individuals in the community to prevent, prepare for, and recover from life-threatening emergencies.

    Health & Safety Services

  • We taught 54,728 people lifesaving skills in classes throughout the region

    Service to Armed Forces

  • We worked on 46 international tracing cases in our region last year, helping local families find relatives with whom they have lost contact because of natural disaster, war or internal conflict.

    Community Services

  • Our team reached 30,040 people with Red Cross community services by participating in community events such as safety fairs, parades and celebrations, and by providing community members with health-related and disaster information
  • Overall, the National Capital Region reached more than 190,000 people in the Washington metro area last year with American Red Cross services

    Blood Services

  • The American Red Cross collects approximately 6,000,000 blood donations across the country annually
  • About 6,000 times a day someone receives a Red Cross blood transfusion


  • We depend on volunteers of all ages and backgrounds to carry out our work
  • Volunteers constitute 98 percent of our total workforce

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