Group & Corporate Volunteers

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The American Red Cross welcomes volunteer groups. Religious groups, civic clubs, organizations and businesses alike can mobilize their members and employees to support the services we provide to local communities—disaster response, preparedness education and community resiliency.

Our Ready When the Time Comes (RWTC) program is designed to engage local community and business groups in times of disaster, fostering an environment of collaboration while helping people in need. The American Red Cross trains RWTC members and mobilizes them as a community-based volunteer force that is called upon when disaster strikes.

How Does RWTC Work?

Corporate and community groups partner to train designated members as disaster relief volunteers. Partners commit to making these group members available for major local disasters, such as large-scale flooding and power outages. When a major local disaster occurs we contact our RWTC partners; they in turn deploy their RWTC volunteers to Red Cross service sites.

Services RWTC Volunteers Provide

All Ready When the Time Comes volunteers are asked to take training needed to perform one of the following disaster relief activities:
  • Mass Care and Feeding
  • Sheltering
  • Client Casework
  • Disaster Assessment
  • Disaster Response Call Center
  • Logistics
  • Public Affairs

What Is Required Of RWTC Partners?

  • Recruit a team of volunteers.
  • Designate a team leader that the Red Cross can contact when RWTC volunteer mobilization is necessary.
  • Assist in identifying training sites for their RWTC team.
  • Encourage and recognize RWTC team members within the organization.