Haiti Assistance Program

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Continuing to Invest in a Better Future

The American Red Cross is helping to rebuild what the earthquake destroyed in Haiti and working with local communities to make them safer and healthier. Immediately after the earthquake we were working side by side with our Red Cross partners to provide lifesaving relief supplies. Since that time, we have built homes, given people opportunities to earn money, provided access to clean water and sanitation systems, supported the delivery of health care, and taught communities how to prevent the spread of diseases and to be better prepared for future disasters.

These efforts are making a difference, per a Gallup poll measuring the Haitian perception of their wellbeing and opportunities to thrive. “The Red Cross and other organizations are clearly having a positive impact on the lives and attitudes of our beneficiaries in Haiti,” said David Meltzer, Senior Vice President of International Service for the American Red Cross. “While we have many more miles to go, we know that our efforts, funded by the generous donations of the American people, are making a difference.”

Download our Two-Year Progress Report:

Haiti 2 1/2 years later

Our Work in Haiti