Centennial Stories

Centennial Stories 2014
11 Conversations that capture the spirit of the Red Cross mission in Metro Atlanta

In honor of our 2014 Centennial, we partnered with StoryCorps Atlanta to preserve and share the experiences of some of our Red Cross family and friends from recent decades. Project volunteers recorded 11, 40-minute conversations at StoryCorps and these were archived with the Library of Congress. We’ll be sharing brief, audio snapshots of their words with you here – one each week. Please check back often to listen and learn about our Red Cross mission as only they can tell it.

Special thanks to all of our wonderful storytellers and others who helped make this project possible, including StoryCorps Atlanta (interview facilitation and photos), Rhett McAllister and Arlington Priest (all music), and Lauren Waits (sound production).

Centennial Stories 2014 - Final Story #5 - Rhodes Haverty, M.D. & Tim Hughes

Rhodes Haverty, M.D. & Tim Hughes

Atlanta’s Red Cross and the community at large mourn the 2014 passing of Dr. Rhodes Haverty, a longtime board leadership volunteer for both our Metro Atlanta Chapter and Southern Blood Services Region. His conversation with former Chapter Chair Tim Hughes shortly before his death gives insight to Dr. Haverty’s unique spirit and the passionate perspective of both volunteers on their Red Cross involvement.

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Centennial Stories 9 - 2014 | Robeck and Rowe

Mary Robeck & Donna Rowe

Mary and Donna met only recently, introduced by a Red Cross employee who knew their Vietnam War experience was a common thread. Donna served as an Army nurse in a combat zone hospital and Mary was part of a team of Red Cross staffers who provided recreational activities for troops in the field. Although their responsibilities were quite different, they share a similar appreciation for the contributions of the American Red Cross during wartime.

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Centennial Storied 9 2014 | Gould-Gaillis

Jim Gould & Brigitte Gaillis

Local residents Brigitte Gaillis and Jim Gould are among a uniquely qualified group of Red Cross volunteers nationwide who respond to international emergencies. They've used their expertise to help some of the world’s poorest people recover from natural disasters over the past decade. In this conversation, they talk about their experiences and share their reasons for volunteering.

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Centennial Stories 7 2014 - James Greason & Ruben Brown

James Greason & Ruben Brown

James Greason has been a dedicated disaster volunteer with Metro Atlanta’s Red Cross since 1996. From the Olympics to Hurricane Katrina to everyday fire responses, this 91-year-old has helped hundreds of his metro neighbors with food, clothing, shelter and compassion. Mr. Greason’s conversation with Red Cross staff member Ruben Brown aired on WABE-90.1 last September and gives insight to his reasons for volunteering.

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(Sound Production Credit: Dylan Fagan, producer, WABE-90.1)

Centennial Stories 8 2014 - Richard Meyer & Gordon Meyer

Richard Meyer & Gordon Meyer

Atlanta’s Red Cross recognized 50-year volunteer Dick Meyer on July 5, 2014 as part of our Centennial Celebration at Turner Field. In his many years with us, he has been involved in almost every area of Red Cross service, from teaching first aid and CPR, to responding to local and national disasters, to guiding youth volunteers and more. In a conversation with his son Gordon, Dick shares that, of all his accomplishments, he’s most proud of instilling a love of service in his own children.

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Centennial Story 6 2014 - Loretta Fine and Meredith Forrester

Loretta Fine and Meredith Forrester

The Buckhead day trader shootings in 1999 resulted in the deaths of 12 people and traumatized the City of Atlanta. Meredith Forrester was gravely injured, yet survived with the help of her medical team, blood provided by the Red Cross, and her family. Today, she uses her experience for good as a Red Cross volunteer and champion for blood donations. Meredith and her mother, Loretta Fine, share their memories of the tragedy and their appreciation for those who give the gift of life

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Centennial Stories #5" Nancy Brockway and Don Stephens

Nancy Brockway & Don Stephens

Don Stephens, the Metro Atlanta Chapter’s former, longtime Director of Emergency Services, became a mentor for new employee Nancy Brockway in 1983. For the next 20 years, they helped build our metro disaster program and responded to fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, terrorism and more. Although they traveled the country on behalf of the Red Cross, it was a local crisis that “hit home” when they reflected on their years as colleagues.

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Centennial Stories - Brian Chapin and Susan Fassnacht

Brian Chapin and Susan Fassnacht

Some call it being in the right place at the right time. Others see it as the work of angels. Any way you look at it, Red Cross-trained by-standers have used their skills to save countless lives over the past century. This is the story of Brian Chapin, a Red Cross-certified CPR instructor and his dramatic encounter with Susan Fassnact, her infant daughter and a metro fast food parking lot in 2007

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Centennial Stories # 3 - Katie Shuford & Nikki Lear 2014

Katie Shuford & Nikki Lear

Sisters often go through a lot together but not many spend weeks in an Intensive Care Unit following a tragedy. Metro residents Katie (Wootton) Shuford and her sister, Nikki Lear, got together to talk about how life has changed for their whole family in the years since Katie’s accident, and the critical role that Red Cross-supplied blood played in her recovery.

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Centennial Stories 2014 - Story 2 Yvonne Evans & Gail Slomovitz

Yvonne Evans & Gail Slomovitz

“Passionate” is the only word to describe how Red Cross volunteers Gail Slomovitz and Yvonne Evans feel about the topic of preparedness. They share how their backgrounds and experiences motivate them to help others see the value in taking action before emergencies happen.

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Centennial Stories - StoryCore 2014

Glenda and Joe Mertes

When metro residents Glenda and Joe Mertes decided it was time to retire, they didn’t settle into their rocking chairs; they went looking for people to help! The couple encountered the Red Cross after a tornado in South Georgia and found their volunteer calling. Today, they are trained Emergency Response Vehicle drivers who hit the road at a moment’s notice, delivering meals and supplies to disaster-stricken families. They talk about their Red Cross experiences and what makes them a good team.

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