Hawaii is the only island in the Hawaiian Islands chain that has active volcanoes. However all of the islands could feel the effects from a volcano. To follow are important links to information to help residents and tourists alike to appreciate volcanoes and their power.
Many areas of the island of Hawaii can be affected by lava flows due to the active volcanoes on island. Currently, a slow moving lava flow is affecting the Royal Gardens subdivision. Due to this hazard, Hawaii County has created different levels of house zoning within lava areas. For more information on the zones and what you can do if you have property within a lava flow area, please click on the map below.

Personal Safety

Volcanic Lava Flow: Local authorities will advise the public to evacuate areas if they are in danger of being isolated or directly affected by an active lava flow. If necessary, evacuation centers will be established to provide a safe shelter.

SO2 Emissions: If the air quality is poor, the public will be asked to avoid going outdoors and shelter-in-place preferably closing all windows and utilizing air conditioning until the air quality returns to safe levels.