New Smoke Alarms Save Idaho Family

Last May, when the Red Cross team arrived at the Goodro home in Jerome to install free smoke alarms, the family’s three young children were asleep. Could they come back later, so that the whole family could learn about fire safety?

The team agreed and returned late that afternoon. “The Goodro family’s was one of the last installations we did that day,” remembers Rusty Devereaux, disaster program manager at the Red Cross. They installed several smoke alarms and helped the family practice their escape plan.

While the family felt safer with their new knowledge and smoke alarms, they—like most people—did not expect to experience a home fire themselves. Just a few months later, as the family prepared for a family wedding, the new smoke alarms suddenly went off.

At first, Ashley Goodro didn’t understand what triggered the alarms. She quickly discovered the cause. “I went into my bedroom and it was filled with smoke,” she explains.

Thanks to their recent training, the family evacuated immediately. By the time the firefighters arrived, their home was engulfed in flames. “My whole feeling was shock and disbelief,” Ashley Goodro says. The family lost their home and all their belongings, but they all survived, uninjured.

Rusty Devereaux doesn’t like to think what would have happened had they not installed smoke alarms in the Goodro home late that afternoon in May. “The timing was everything,” he says. "Had it not been for our lifesaving campaign, this family would not be here today.”

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