Programs & Services

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The American Red Cross saves lives. When disaster strikes, we respond with food, shelter and hope. When barriers of distance, language or warfare separate loved ones, we open lines of communication. When families, co-workers and communities must prepare for emergencies, we help them take action.

Each year in our community, we bring together people to care for their neighbors, train people in life-saving skills and respond to a disaster about once every other day. In emergencies large and small - a house fire, an earthquake, a flood - right here in our community or on distant shores, people can count on the Red Cross.

Disaster Response - Firefighter

Disaster Relief & Response

The American Red Cross is one member of the local, state and federal disaster response community and during a disaster the Red Cross provides shelter, food, emotional support, health services, clean-up supplies and comfort items.

Service to the Armed Forces

Services to the Armed Forces

With resources and expertise around the world, the Red Cross provides communication, welfare inquiries and other critical support to connect military members and their families

Be Prepared Family

Disaster Preparedness

At the Red Cross, we are aiming to do more before disasters strike, to build a "culture of prevention" and to limit the harm inflicted on families and communities.

Red Cross responders at disaster site holding a baby

International Services

As part of the world's largest humanitarian Network, the American Red Cross alleviates the suffering of victims of war, disaster and other international crises, and works with other Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to improve chronic, life-threatening conditions in developing nations. We reconnect families separated by emergencies and educate the American public about international humanitarian law.