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Women Leading Through Philanthropy

Women Leading Through Philanthropy

Tiffany Circle women follow in the footsteps of a long line of women leaders who have helped the Red Cross serve the American public in times of war and peace with disaster assistance, blood collection, safety training and countless other community assistance services.

The Tiffany Circle takes its name from the historic stained glass windows in the Board of Governors Hall at Red Cross national headquarters in Washington, D.C. Installed in 1917, the windows were commissioned from the Louis Comfort Tiffany Studios. The windows cost $10,000 and were jointly purchased by the Women’s Relief Corps of the North and the United Daughters of the Confederacy of the South as an act of reconciliation and hope. Tiffany Circle members from across the country, each donate $10,000 or more annually to support the American Red Cross.


  • Marilyn Bartter
  • Sally Batanian
  • Lori Bergman
  • Shan Bhati
  • Aileen Blake*
  • Robin Boren
  • Sue Brenner
  • Christina Chodos
  • Lisa Cooper
  • Paige Cooper
  • Deirdre Drake
  • Kimberly West Eck
  • Francesca Edwardson
  • Kimberly Falk
  • Christine Farrell
  • Sandra Farrow
  • Susan Gallagher
  • Mary Galvin
  • Linda Gantz
  • Susan Goodenow
  • Marguerite D. Hark
  • Elizabeth Hekman-Gordon
  • Virginia Hellwarth
  • Shirley Hilzinger
  • Karen Hindman
  • Mary Ignas
  • Patricia Lane
  • Connie Lindsey
  • Laura Linger*
  • Kathy Mabe
  • Kim Macpherson
  • Judith Boler McCormack
  • Gail McKendrick
  • Janet Miller
  • Linda Myers
  • Alexandra Nichols
  • Linda Nolan
  • Susan Noyes*
  • LeAnn Pedersen Pope
  • Juliette Pryor
  • Christine Quinn
  • Joan Rubschlager
  • Jill Schaaf
  • Jana Schreuder
  • Sally Searle
  • Mary Shearson
  • Kelly Smith
  • Richele Soja
  • Barbara Speer
  • Mary Pat Studdert
  • Janis Tratnik*
  • Cate Waddell
  • Cynthia Werts
  • Kristin Wildman
  • Susan Whiting
  • Kristin Wildman
  • Joni Williams
  • Nancy Yacyshyn
  • Vicki Znavor
  • *denotes Chair

    To learn more, please contact Raissa Correa or call (312) 729-6388