• Student intern

All internships are unpaid and require a 300 hour commitment. Students that are not receiving academic credit are eligible for a $500 travel reimbursement upon completion of the 300 hour requirement. To be considered for an internship you must complete an application on our Volunteer Connection System.

Only applications that have completed the following steps on Volunteer Connection will be considered:

  • Submit Application
  • Online Orientation
  • Internship Interest Indication
  • Update Profile and Upload Your Resume
  • Read and Agree to Red Cross Policies
  • Initiate Background Check
  • NOTE: You need to submit a Resume and Cover Letter as one document. Applications that are missing either of these documents will not be considered.

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    Apply for an Internship

    To apply for an internship with the American Red Cross, Greater Chicago Region, please complete an application on our Volunteer Connection page.