Students Helping Advance Readiness Education (SHARE)

SHARE is an exciting program at the American Red Cross of Greater Indianapolis that enables high school students 15 years and older to volunteer in a professional atmosphere while reaching out to their communities. SHARE participants are valued members of the Red Cross team and are given the freedom and responsibility to create their own Red Cross projects. Students complete their projects while benefiting from the guidance of the American Red Cross staff.

Participation is open to individuals or groups of any size. Students may work individually, as the sole representative of their high school, or they may form Red Cross clubs at their schools to accomplish larger tasks. The projects and sizes may vary, but the exceptional opportunity to gain professional experience, enhance leadership skills, and make a positive impact on communities remains constant. Representatives from the SHARE schools meet monthly at the Red Cross to discuss projects with each other. Collaboration between schools is encouraged. The monthly meetings are attended by members of the Red Cross staff and Board.