2010 Heroes

David White

Huber Maintenance Supply EMS Hero

David White is a paramedic with Sedgwick County EMS since 1986 and has been a part-time Health & Safety instructor with the American Red Cross since 1992. David has taught hundreds of CPR and first aid classes and has trained thousands of local people how to use lifesaving skills to help those in need.Earlier this year, David and his EMS partner responded to a call to help a man who had collapsed in his driveway. Upon arriving at the home, David realized the victim was the husband of a friend and colleague. He determined the man was experiencing symptoms of a heart attack. David not only responded with quick and careful attention to the victim, he also helped console his friend who was scared and anxious. David helped stabilize the victim and transported him safely to a hospital where a heart catheterization procedure was completed.The victim has made a full recovery since the incident and his family is extremely grateful to David for his compassion and quick action. David White receives the Huber Maintenance Supply EMS Hero Award for his heroic efforts and commitment to lifesaving emergency management services.

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Peggy Brant

BKD Community Hero

After the devastating loss of her 17-year-old daughter Stephanie in 2000, Peggy Brant knew she needed an outlet to keep her grief from overwhelming her life and wanted to find something that would keep Stephanie’s spirit alive.When Stephanie was 10, she and Peggy began making blankets and together they volunteered at the Wichita Children’s Home giving out the blankets to children in need.To honor Stephanie’s love of children, Peggy founded Stephanie’s Small Comforts. The group, led by Peggy, and supported by volunteers from the First United Methodist Church, meet twice a month to make blankets. The small comforters are given to more than 20 organizations in the Wichita area including the Wichita Children’s Home, Ronald McDonald House and Park Elementary School. In addition, mission teams from the First United Methodist Church distribute blankets around the world, distributing to children in countries such as Peru, Kenya and India. Peggy and “The Comforters” from First United Methodist Church have made more than 11,000 blankets that have been given to children who often do not have one single item to call their own.Peggy Brant receives the BKD Community Hero Award for her commitment to making a positive impact in our community.

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Sergeant Brian R. Curtis

High Touch, Inc. Military Hero

Technical Sergeant Brian R. Curtis has been a member of United States Air Force for more than 20 years. He has been deployed on numerous operations around the world and spent six months earlier this year at the United States Joint Base in Balad, Iraq. As a Squad Leader of 16 Security Forces Airmen, Technical Sergeant Curtis ensured the safety of his airmen while conducting nearly 150 combat patrols outside the base’s perimeter. He and his team also played key roles in the counterinsurgency efforts that led to gathering of lifesaving intelligence.Under his leadership, the amount of indirect fire attacks to the base decreased significantly. Technical Sergeant Curtis also provided humanitarian support to the Iraqi people by utilizing his link with Wichita’s Eastpoint Church of Christ, which provided nearly 1.5 tons of clothing and school supplies for Iraqi children. In addition, he facilitated the donation and delivery of 17 wheelchairs that were given to Iraqi citizens in need.Brian R. Curtis receives the High Touch, Inc. Military Hero Award for his courage and commitment to our community and our country.

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Chuck Schneider

NuStar Energy, L.P. Disaster Relief Hero

Chuck Schneider has served on more than 50 disaster relief operations for the American Red Cross including 17 operations in the state of Kansas. He has held leadership roles for relief operations for large disasters including Hurricane Katrina, the Greensburg tornado and the recent floods in Mississippi.Chuck began his volunteer service with the Midway-Kansas Chapter in 1999 after retiring from Boeing. Since then, he has completed nearly 7,500 volunteer hours. In addition to responding to natural disasters, Chuck also trains other disaster volunteers and represents the Red Cross at local and state disaster meetings and exercises and provides leadership support to the Chapter’s Emergency Services Department.Chuck Schneider receives the NuStar Energy, L.P. Disaster Relief Hero Award for his commitment to disaster relief and response operations.

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Collis Grisby

Emprise Bank Firefighter Hero

Collis Grisby has been a firefighter with the Wichita Fire Department for nearly 17 years. He works at Station 12, which services southwest Wichita. Firefighter Grisby is not only skilled at fighting fires and responding to emergency situations, he also has the ability to provide compassionate care to people dealing with tragedies.Earlier his year, Firefighter Grisby and Engine 12 responded to a call of a patient not breathing. Upon arriving on the scene, Firefighter Grisby and other members of his team realized the patient was a two-month old infant. After assessing the child and performing lifesaving measures, it was determined that the infant could not be saved.Firefighter Grisby quickly jumped into action consoling the child’s parents who were under extreme distress. Even after other emergency responders arrived, the parents requested that Firefighter Grisby stay because of the emotional support he provided. Firefighter Grisby commonly responds in this way and prides himself on treating others with empathy and compassion.Collis Grisby receives the Emprise Bank Firefighter Hero Award for his commitment to the community through his acts of kindness, courage and unselfishness in his role as a firefighter.

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Ron Laggart

TOP Early Learning Centers Give Life Hero

Ron Laggart has been giving blood regularly for more than 20 years. During that time, he has donated more than 46 gallons, which could potentially save more than 1,000 lives.For the last two decades, Ron and his friend Tim have had a friendly blood donor competition. They challenge each other to continue donating and the friendly camaraderie keeps them both focused on why they give – to help those in need of lifesaving blood and platelets. Ron has a personal goal to donate 55 gallons of blood and every other Monday he spends two hours at Wichita’s downtown Red Cross Blood Services office giving platelets.Ron Laggart receives the TOP Early Learning Centers Give Life Hero Award for his commitment to blood and platelet donation, which has ensured the health of patients in our community and throughout the country.

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Kendra and Austin Peak

Spirit AeroSystems Good Samaritan Hero

Last January, Staff Sergeant Austin Peak was participating in an intramural basketball game at McConnell Air Force Base when he witnessed one of the game referees stumble and collapse to the floor.Austin was the first to reach the victim and began assessing the referee’s condition while simultaneously eliciting help from his wife, Kendra Peak, a registered nurse sitting in the stands. Austin called 911, assisted in CPR and remained on the telephone with the 911 dispatcher relaying critical lifesaving information until the emergency responders arrived. Kendra assessed the victim, assisted in CPR and helped operate the automated external defibrillator. The quick action by both Kendra and Austin helped revive the heart attack victim, stabilizing him until the EMS personnel arrived.Kendra and Austin peak receive the Spirit AeroSystems Good Samaritan Hero Award for their willingness to act courageously and unselfishly during an unexpected situation.

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Gregory T Feuerborn

INTRUST Bank Law Enforcement Hero

Gregory T. Feuerborn has been an officer with the Wichita Police Department for more than eight years. Officer Feuerborn is currently the Community Policing Coordinator for the 43 Beat which is a neighborhood located in one of Wichita’s highest crime areas. In this role, Officer Feuerborn is dedicated to enhancing community relationships, reducing and eliminating crime, and making the community safe.Because of Officer Feuerborn’s leadership and strategies, Beat 43 experienced a significant decrease in crime. He partnered with the community members on his beat and facilitated the formation of two neighborhood watches that helped bring the citizens together to help make the area a better, safer place to live. He has also helped coordinate a camp in the North Patrol that offers neighborhood children fun, safe activities during the summer.Gregory T. Feuerborn receives the INTRUST Bank Law Enforcement Hero Award for his willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty in his role as a law enforcement officer with the Wichita Police Department.

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Colton Hartline

Metro Xpress Youth Good Samaritan Hero

Last summer, at the age of 16, Colton Hartline helped save a young boy who had a seizure while swimming at the Andover YMCA. Colton is a certified YMCA lifeguard and holds CPR/first aid training certification from the Red Cross.While on lifeguard duty, Colton noticed a young boy being pulled from the pool. He quickly went to the boy’s side and assessed the situation. After realizing the boy was not breathing, Colton gave rescue breaths until the young boy gasped for air. Because of Colton’s quick action, the boy made a full recovery. Colton acted so quickly, the doctors found no water in the boy’s lungs. The young boy and his family visited Colton at the pool the following week to thank him for his lifesaving actions.Colton Hartline receives the Metro Xpress Youth Good Samaritan Hero Award for his willingness to act courageously and unselfishly during an unexpected situation.

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