Youth Services

  • Midway Kansas Youth Services
Since the founding of the Junior Red Cross in 1917, youth and the Red Cross have been partners. Today, the involvement of young people with the Red Cross is more important than ever. Our goal is to provide young people with meaningful opportunities for education, training, and volunteer/community service so that they remain a part of the Red Cross family throughout their lives. Young people up to age 24 make up 35 percent of all Red Cross volunteers nationwide.

Red Cross Clubs

The American Red Cross believes that you can make a difference! That is why your local Red Cross wants to help you join or set up a Red Cross club at your school or organization. We want to offer you the opportunity to work with others to organize activities inside and outside of your school that will save lives. For more information about starting a Red Cross club please contact Volunteer Services at (316) 219-4058.

Babysitting Training

This course give young people ages 11 - 15 the skills and confidence to care for infants through school-age children. This program is interactive and activity-based that builds self-confidence and competence by practicing decision-making and managing real-life situations. Topics include safety issues, preventing injuries and illnesses, basic childcare, first aid, care for choking and age-appropriate behavior and play.