Maintaining Your Independence

  • Louisville Red Cross, Maintain Your Independence
About the Program
Maintaining Your Independence is designed to educate seniors and persons with disabilities, functional and/or access needs, as well as their families and caregivers, about the steps they can take to maintain their independence by preparing for a disaster in advance.

The program is designed specifically to meet the unique needs of seniors and persons with disabilities, functional and/or access needs. The lesson consists of a two component presentation covering:
  • Be Red Cross Ready
  • What to Expect in a Shelter Setting
At the end of the presentation, each participant receives an informational packet that assists participants in creating a personalized resilience plan. This course also encompasses a “train the trainer” approach, allowing individuals within the care-giving or educational fields to become familiar with the program material in order to instruct the course on their own.

Program Goals
  1. Help participants become familiar with the types of disasters that occur in the local area and the effects that disasters can have on seniors or those with disabilities, functional and/or access needs.
  2. Inform participants of steps they can take to better prepare themselves and/or a family member or client in the event that a disaster strikes.
  3. Provide participants with the knowledge and skills to take action in the event of a disaster.
  4. Educate participants on what they can expect in a shelter setting.
  5. Prepare participants to proactively advocate for themselves in a shelter setting.
Get Involved
Maintaining Your Independence is now being presented at locations in the Louisville area. To schedule a presentation at your facility or to become a sponsor of the program, contact Lydia Hignite at 502-561-3776 or If you are interested in becoming a volunteer presenter, please call 502-561-3601.