Piper the Puppy

  • Piper the Puppy

Every day, a family loses their precious belongings when flames consume their home. The family looks for answers. Where will we stay tonight? How will we recover? Who can understand what we are going through?

These questions can be tough, especially for children. In the Southeast Louisiana area though, children have a friend to turn to—Piper the Puppy.

For a donation of $100, you can adopt a Piper the Puppy and know that your gift will bring comfort to a scared child looking for answers after a fire or other disaster.

When we arrive on-scene and see a child, we immediately place Piper in their arms. Our attention can then turn to meeting the needs of the whole family knowing that Piper is watching out for the littlest victims.

Here is how Piper the Puppy works

You donate $100 online, over the phone or in person and specify you want to sponsor a Piper. Full litters are available to sponsor as well.

Piper is prepped for the disaster truck and your name is written on his paw. Our volunteers respond to disasters every day and Piper is ready at all times.

Your donation money helps us provide relief—shelter, food, clothing and other immediate needs that families have after experiencing disasters.

We will communicate with you once your Piper finds his new home with a child.

Lastly, you’ll know your gift brightened a little one’s life by giving them a new friend when they needed it most.