Emergency Preparedness Education

  • Emergency Preparedness Education for Children

Emergency Preparedness Education

Did you know only 2 in every 10 Americans feels prepared for a major disaster? Emergencies and disasters can strike quickly and without warning. The best way to keep your families, employees and homes safer is to be prepared before disaster strikes. The Red Cross is here to help you get prepared.

The Southeast Louisiana Chapter offers emergency preparedness education programs for people of all ages. Each year, tens of thousands of Southeast Louisiana area residents take part in these presentations at schools, businesses and community events.

It is the Red Cross mission to help the community prevent, prepare for and respond to disasters. A disaster can strike at any moment, the Red Cross wants to show you and your family how to be ready. To arrange a class, contact the Red Cross at (504) 620-3133.

Emergency Preparedness Education for Adults

The American Red Cross Southeast Louisiana Chapter offers adult emergency preparedness presentations that may be conducted at a location and time convenient for you and your group. We can customize a presentation incorporating multiple modules to best meet your group’s individual needs. Module topics include:

Be Red Cross Ready: People should take three actions to prepare for emergencies – get a kit, make a plan and be informed. You’ll learn the importance of having an emergency preparedness kit, making a family disaster plan and knowing the types of disasters in your community and the resources available in an emergency.

Hazard Specific: Natural and human-caused disasters can strike suddenly, at anytime and anywhere. Learn what steps to take before, during and after the disaster so you’re prepared for the unexpected. These modules can be used as a supplement to Be Red Cross Ready or as a standalone program. Participants can choose from the following hazards:
Flu Preparedness: This presentation teaches the signs and symptoms of pandemic flu, the differences between seasonal and pandemic flu, and the steps you can take to protect your family while preventing the spread of pandemic flu to others.

Senior Preparedness: Designed to help seniors prepare for emergencies, regardless of their physical limitations, this presentation teaches participants how to make an emergency preparedness kit, create a family disaster plan, shelter in place and respond to direction from authorities.

Emergency Preparedness Education for Children

Pillowcase Project (Ages 5-12) The pillowcase project is a psychosocial support program developed to ease fears about the storms and the evacuations that often accompany them. Children learn to pack their favorite items from home into a pillowcase for easy transport, and parents learn ways to dispel their children’s concerns about storm evacuations.

Masters of Disaster (Ages 5-14) This nationally developed curriculum teaches children about emergencies and disasters through core academic subjects, including math, science, language arts and social studies. It provides teachers with detailed lesson plans, demonstrations and activities that meet required standards for all students. The program may include activities such as making a disaster supplies kit, recognizing fire hazards, or making an escape plan.

Washing Hands (Ages 4-7) This presentation teaches children how germs are spread, how to prevent the spread of disease, and how to properly wash their hands. "Don't get sick. Wash up quick!"