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Board of Directors

Board of Directors Central Maryland

Red Cross Baltimore Vice Chair

Katherine Pinkard - Chair

President, Pinkard Properties, LLC

Lori Robinson Baltimore Red Cross

Lori Robinson - Vice Chair


MD Ches Exec Committee - David M. Slaughter

David M. Slaughter

MLuis Construcion

  • Eric Anderson
    Asbury Communities

  • Jacque Allen Brooks
    Saul Ewing, LLP

  • Carolyn Candiello

  • John Carver
    The Carver Group

  • Kelleye Cohen
    Le KoKo Couture

  • Glenn E. Dorris, Sr.
    Dorris Consulting

  • Jeff Ey

  • Michael Heatwole
    Ames & Gough

  • Stephen Heise
    Maryland Live Casino

  • Lenore Koors
    Signs by Tomorrow

  • Alan F. Magleby
    Legg Mason Co., LLC

  • Kurt Overton
    Morgan Stanley

  • George J. Philippou
    Harbor East

  • Art Putzel
    Trout Daniel & Associates

  • Richard Scheper
    Jovian Concepts

  • Richard Smulovitz
    Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson, Inc.

  • Kristen M. Space
    Bank of America Merrill Lynch

  • J. MacGregor Tisdale
    First National Bank

  • Sylvia Toense
    T. Rowe Price International

  • Dave Villa

  • Omar Zalatimo, MD, MPH, MHA
    The Sandra & Malcom Berman Brain & Spine Institute, Sinai Hospital

  • Honorary Members

  • John T. Menzies, III

  • Bruce I. Rothschild
    Enterprise Community Investment, Inc.