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Young Professionals

  • Red Cross Baltimore Young Professionals

Chesapeake Red Cross Young Professionals

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In the spring of 2009, a Young Professionals group was started at the American Red Cross of the Greater4 Chesapeake Region. The group began with nineteen members and today has touched the lives of thousands of families living throughout the Greater Chesapeake Region.

This prestigious group of young, talented, and altruistic leaders participates in five major volunteer projects, host quarterly networking events and lead two signature fundraising initiatives each year including Run for Your Lives, Red Cross Royale, Run for the Red and Holiday Mail for Heroes. To learn more about our projects and events, visit News & Events or Follow us on Facebook.
Participation at our various volunteer projects, networking events and fundraising initiatives are strongly encouraged.
Baltimore Red Cross Young Professionals

How to Get Involved:

Young Professionals meetings are held on the first Monday of every month at the American Red Cross of the Greater Chesapeake Region located at 4800 Mount Hope Drive in Baltimore, MD 21215. We encourage all prospective members to attend.

If you would like to attend or learn more about joining the Young Professionals please contact

If you would like to be added our Event List Serve please email with your name and email address. You will receive updates about all of our upcoming events, volunteer projects and activities.

All members are required to make a $100 donation to the American Red Cross of the Greater Chesapeake Region each fiscal year. The benefits of being a member of the Young Professionals include, but are not limited to:

    Benefits of Membership

  • Annual Luncheon with CEO
  • Emergency Go-Bag
  • Invitation to Private Events Throughout the Greater Chesapeake Region
  • Name and Position on ARC website
  • Quarterly Breakfasts/Lunches with Board of Trustees
  • Quarterly Networking Events Throughout Central Maryland
Baltimore Red Cross Young Professionals

Under the guidance of their own executive board, the Young Professionals are establishing themselves as the premiere philanthropic leadership group in Central Maryland and as one of the top American Red Cross Young Professionals groups in the nation. As ambassadors for the American Red Cross in the Greater Chesapeake Region, the Young Professionals Committee perform direct service in their community, educate citizens on the Red Cross mission and it’s services, and secure financial support to further the mission of the American Red Cross.

Executive Board Members

Brad Clemente, Chair
Johns Hopkins Medicine

David Hauge, Secretary*

Jennifer White, Communications


Tina Boyer, Wells Fargo
Sara Ensey, Northwest Hospital
Eric Snavely, PNC*
David Stysley, Environmental Control Board

*denotes company is represented on the Board of Trustees