June 2014 - Mike Kepler

Red Cross Baltimore Volunteer of the Month June 2014

Mike Kepler has been a volunteer since May 2013 and has already shown himself to be one of the most dependable and resourceful volunteer leaders for the American Red Cross of the Chesapeake Region. He is interested in all aspects of Red Cross and has trained across as many disciplines as possible. When asked to take a lead in planning, he immediately scheduled himself for FEMA’s 5-day planning course so he would come into the job with as much knowledge as possible. Mike is a volunteer who can be counted on for all levels of work and response. He helps with day-to-day tasks such as driving the ERV, being on-call for DAT responses in all 4 counties of the Western Maryland territory, assists with large scale fire responses, and acts as the planning lead for district disaster responses.

Most recently, Mike was instrumental in the Clear Spring Flood response. He lead the shelter and feeding teams, comforted clients, and gave media interviews, dedicating more than 30 hours of his time during that weekend alone. The following Tuesday he was back at the Regional office in Baltimore to attend a 3-day hurricane meeting. Then on Friday he worked in the Walkersville Chapter, doing casework for the Clear Spring Flooding and cleaning up from the response. He was tireless and relentless in his drive to help the clients, remaining positive in the face of a tough situation.

Mike’s Red Cross philosophy is to train and prepare as much as possible so he can be ready to respond in any capacity when a situation occurs. His level of dedication is unparalleled. He is one of the first people we reach out to when we need help and he never lets us down, no matter the job size or scope. The Red Cross of the Chesapeake Region is made stronger by the work of Mike Kepler.