March 2014 - Semyon Plotkin

Red Cross Chesapeake Volunteer of the Month Semyon Plotkin

Mr. Semyon Plotkin is an outstanding person and volunteer for the American Red Cross Chesapeake Region. He has gone above and beyond the service level expected in assisting with technology support for all those entering the Red Cross building. He also continues to provide Outstanding Customer support to all Red Cross staffers. Mr. Plotkin joined the Chesapeake region in 2011 as an Adecco staff employee to the Red Cross and a while later, transitioned to a volunteer position. He readily donates his expertise and proves full time technical services to the Red Cross. Mr. Plotkin is and exemplary person, full of life and energy, and has been a true gift and blessing to the American Red Cross.

It is an honor to have him on our team as a volunteer and to work with him on a daily basis.