August 2016 - Carole Grider

Carole Grider Headshot

Carole Grider started with American Red Cross in August of 2015 and hit the ground running. In the 9 months she has been with the organization, she has already volunteered more than 200 hours! She started as one of two Intake Manager’s for Southern Maryland. When the other Intake Volunteer was out for medical reasons, Carole stepped up to take on all of intake, which was no small feat!

She has continually stayed on top of getting volunteers into the system in positions in which they are interested, and getting their potential new supervisors involved to onboard them. She has gone above and beyond to find an opportunity that would be a good fit for the volunteer to ensure that they remain happy and engaged. She is always willing to take on more assignments and work in whatever capacity she can in order to fulfil the job.

Carole has stepped up without hesitation when several special projects have needed handling. She also participates in meetings and trainings whenever possible. She is even taken it upon herself to take some of the on-line trainings in order to provide a better intake experience for volunteers. She is a delight to work with and always has a great attitude.

Carole has the dedication and passion we love to see in our volunteers and look forward to growing our program with her help!